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Classic Bodybuilders
of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding

Updated 1/28/2004. Thanks to Dakota, Charles Hixon, H.G., Bob, Nathalie Manier, Kirby D. Wood, Marianna Prosperity, and many others for providing photos.

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Al Abajian

Al Abajian
Al Abajian, 1949

Joe Abbenda

Joe AbbendaJoe AbbendaJoe AbbendaJoe AbbendaJoe AbbendaJoe Abbenda
Joe Abbenda, early 1960s

Jerry Abbott

Jerry Abbott and Nick Gurule
Jerry Abbott, with Nick Gurule, 1957

Louis Abele

Louis Abele
Louis Abele, 1940

Julio Acosta

Julio Acosta
Julio Acosta, 1950s

Spike Adams

Spike Adams
Spike Adams, 1950s

Martin Adams

Martin Adams
Visit the Martin Adams page.

Harold Adduci

Harold AdducciHarold AdducciHarold Adducci and Paul LabriolaHarold Adducci and Paul Labriola
Harold Adducci, late 1940s and 1950s; with Paul Labriola, 1950s

Dale Adrian

Dale Adrian
Dale Adrian, 1975

Frank Affrunti

Frank AffruntiFrank Affrunti
Frank Affrunti, 1947

Richard Alan

Visit the Richard Alan page
Visit the Richard Alan page.

Alan Albert

Alan Albert
Alan Albert, 1963

Ernest Albert

Ernest AlbertErnest AlbertErnest Albert
Ernest Albert, 1950

Jim Alexander

Jim AlexanderJim Alexander
Jim Alexander, 1955

Jim Allison

Jim Allison
Jim Allison, 1980s

Joe Alonzo

Joe AlonzoJoe AlonzoJoe Alonzo
Joe Alonzo, 1960s

Sherman Alsop

Sherman AlsopSherman AlsopSherman AlsopSherman Alsop
Sherman Alsop, 1950s

Charles Amato

Charles Amato
Charles Amato, 1962

Ken Andersson

Ken Andersson
Ken Andersson, early 1960s

Bob Anders

Bob Anders
Bob Anders, early 1960s

Ernie Antonio

Ernie Antonio
Ernie Antonio, 1959

Mike Antorino

Mike AntorinoMike Antorino
Mike Antorino, 1980; 1985

Joe Apache

Joe Apache
Joe Apache, 1960s

Jon Aranita

Jon Aranita
Jon Aranita, 1986

Billy Arlen

Billy ArlenBilly Arlen
Billy Arlen, 1982

Peter Arnold

Peter ArnoldPeter ArnoldPeter ArnoldPeter Arnold
Peter Arnold, 1985

Alex Aronis

Alex Aronis
Visit the Alex Aronis page.

Don Arthur

Don Arthur
Don Arthur, early 1950s

Dave Asnis

Dave AsnisDave AsnisDave Asnis
Dave Asnis, 1940s

Charles Atlas (1893-1972)

Charles AtlasCharles AtlasCharles AtlasCharles AtlasCharles Atlas
Charles Atlas, 1930s

Alexander Austopchuck

Alexander Austopchuck
Alexander Austopchuck, 1943

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