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Updated 1/27/2004.

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Bob Wainwright

Bob Wainwright
Bob Wainwright, 1950s

Paul Waldman

Paul WaldmanPaul Waldman
Paul Waldman, 1954

Roger Walker

Roger WalkerRoger WalkerRoger WalkerRoger Walker
Roger Walker, late 1970s and early 1980s

Jerry Wallace

Jerry WallaceJerry Wallace
Jerry Wallace, 1965

Ken Waller

Ken WallerKen WallerKen Waller
Ken Waller, 1970; 1971; 1975

Mel Waskey

Mel WaskeyMel WaskeyMel Waskey
Mel Waskey, 1960

Randy Watson

Randy WatsonRandy Watson
Randy Watson, 1965; 1963

Jed Wayne

Jed Wayne
Jed Wayne, 1950s

Rick Wayne

Rick WayneRick WayneRick WayneRick WayneRick WayneRick WayneRick Wayne
Rick Wayne, 1960s

Vern Weaver (1937-1993)

Vern Weaver
Visit the Vern Weaver page.

John Weidemann

John WeidemannJohn WeidemannJohn Weidemann
John Weidemann, 1950s

Joe Weider

Joe Weider
Joe Weider, 1941

Jack Weisberg

Jack WeisbergJack WeisbergJack WeisbergJack WeisbergJack Weisberg
Jack Weisberg, 1950s

Robert Weitknecht

Robert Weitknecht
Robert Weitknecht, 1950s

Ed Weller

Ed Weller
Visit the Ed Weller page.

Danny Wells

Danny Wells
Danny Wells, 1950s

Gene Wells

Gene WellsGene WellsGene Wells
Gene Wells, 1967

Melvin Wells (1919-1994)

Melvin Wells
Melvin Wells, 1950

Steve Wengryn

Visit the Steve Wengryn page
Visit the Steve Wengryn page.

Ray Wertz

Ray Wertz
Ray Wertz, 1957

David West

David West
David West, 1950s

Hayden West

Hayden WestHayden WestHayden WestHayden WestHayden WestHayden WestHayden West
Hayden West, 1960s

Will Whitaker

Will WhitakerWill WhitakerWill Whitaker
Will Whitaker, 1965; 1966; 1968

Don White

Don White
Don White, 1950s

Craig Whitehead

Craig WhiteheadCraig WhiteheadCraig WhiteheadCraig WhiteheadCraig Whitehead
Craig Whitehead, 1960s

Keith Whitley

Keith WhitleyKeith Whitley
Keith Whitley, mid 1980s

Frank Wilcox

Frank Wilcox
Frank Wilcox, 1962

Jusup Wilkosz

Jusup Wilkosz
Visit the Jusup Wilkosz page.

Bob Wiensko

Bob Wiensko
Bob Wiensko, 1957

Lance Willet

Lance WilletLance WilletLance WilletLance WilletLance WilletLance Willet
Lance Willet, early 1960s

Joe Williams

Joe WilliamsJoe Williams
Joe Williams, 1957

Mike Williams

Mike Williams
Mike Williams, late 1950s

Millard Williamson

Millard WilliamsonMillard Williamson
Millard Williamson, 1965; 1958

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson
Visit the Scott Wilson page.

Maylen Wiltse

Maylen WiltseMaylen Wiltse
Maylen Wiltse, 1956

Monte Wolford

Monte WolfordMonte WolfordMonte WolfordMonte WolfordMonte WolfordVince Gironda and Monte Wolford
Monte Wolford, 1956; 1960; 1951; 1952; 1957; with Vince Gironda, 1951

Dennis Wood

Dennis Wood
Visit the Dennis Wood page.

John Wood

John WoodJohn WoodJohn WoodJohn Wood
John Wood, 1970s

Tom Wynn

Tom Wynn
Tom Wynn, 1950s

Paul Wynter

Paul Wynter
Paul Wynter, 1960s

Lee Yarusi

Lee YarusiLee YarusiLee Yarusi
Lee Yarusi, late 1950s

Kassem Yazbek

Kassem Yazbek
Kassem Yazbek, 1973

Jim Yoes

Jim Yoes
Jim Yoes, 1950s

Chet Yorton

Chet YortonChet YortonChet Yorton
Chet Yorton, 1966; 1964; 1974

Tim Young

Tim YoungTim YoungTim YoungTim Young
Tim Young, 1964; 1963

Ty Young

Ty Young
Ty Young, 1980

Peter Zafir

Peter Zafir
Peter Zafir, 1961

Edward Zajac

Ed Zajac
Edward Zajac, 1981

Frank Zane

Frank Zane
Visit the Frank Zane page.

Artie Zeller (1930-1999)

Artie ZellerArtie Zeller and Marvin Eder
Artie Zeller, 1955; with Marvin Eder, 1952

Harold Zinkin

Harold ZinkinHarold Zinkin
Harold Zinkin, 1947; 1950

Charles Zumwalt

Charles ZumwaltCharles ZumwaltCharles ZumwaltCharles Zumwalt
Charles Zumwalt, late 1950s and early 1960s

David Zurborg

David Zurborg
Visit the David Zurborg page.

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