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Classic Bodybuilders
E and F
Updated 1/28/2004.

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David Eades

David Eades
David Eades, 1950s

Eric Eastham

Eric EasthamEric Eastham
Eric Eastham, 1952

Brian Eastman

Brian Eastman
Visit the Brian Eastman page.

Howard Eastman

Howard EastmanHoward EastmanHoward EastmanHoward EastmanHoward Eastman
Howard Eastman, 1940s

Marvin Eder

Marvin EderMarvin EderMarvin EderMarvin EderMarvin EderMarvin EderMarvin Eder and Artie Zeller
Marvin Eder, early 1950s; with Artie Zeller, 1951

Jack Edwards

Jack EdwardsJack EdwardsJack Edwards
Jack Edwards, 1958

George Eiferman (1925-2002)

George Eiferman
Visit the George Eiferman page.

Arthur Elden

Arthur EldenArthur EldenArthur Elden
Arthur Elden, 1962; 1963; 1962

Joe Eliason

Joe Eliason
Joe Eliason, 1957

Bert Elliott

Bert Elliott
Visit the Bert Elliott page.

Tony Emmott

Tony EmmottTony EmmottTony Emmott and Steve DavisTony Emmott and Serge Nubret
Tony Emmott, 1979; 1981; with Steve Davis, 1981; with Serge Nubret, 1977

Ahmet Enunlu

Ahmet Enunlu
Visit the Ahmet Enunlu page.

Bernie Ernst

Bernie ErnstBernie ErnstBernie ErnstBernie ErnstBernie ErnstBernie Ernst
Bernie Ernst, early 1960s

Roland Essmaker (1916-2002)

Roland Essmaker
Roland Essmaker, 1940

Charles Estes

Charles EstesRandy Watson and Charles Estes
Charles Estes, 1965; with Randy Watson, 1965

Jeff Everson

Jeff Everson
Jeff Everson, 1983

Dick Falcon

Dick FalconDick FalconDick FalconDick FalconDick Falcon
Dick Falcon, 1934; 1938; 1937; 1940; 1940

Pierre Fallais

Pierre FallaisPierre Fallais
Pierre Fallais, 1957

John Farbotnik (1925-1998)

John FarbotnikJohn FarbotnikJohn FarbotnikJohn Farbotnik and Alan Stephan
John Farbotnik, 1950; 1951; 1947; with Alan Stephan, 1946

Dewey Faulkner

Dewey FaulknerDewey Faulkner
Dewey Faulkner, 1950s

Charles Fautz

Charles Fautz
Charles Fautz, 1969

Robert Fedell

Robert Fedell
Visit the Robert Fedell page.

Bob Felker

Bob Felker
Bob Felker, 1962

Fraysher Ferguson

Fraysher FergusonFraysher FergusonFraysher Ferguson
Fraysher Ferguson, 1949; 1948; 1948

Mike Ferraro

Mike FerraroMike FerraroMike FerraroMike Ferraro
Mike Ferraro, 1962; 1962; 1958; early 1960s

Juan Ferrero (1918-1958)

Juan Ferrero
Visit the Juan Ferrero page.

Rodolphe Ferrero

Rodolphe Ferrero
Rodolphe Ferrero, 1960

Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferringo
Visit the Lou Ferrigno pages, with more than 40 photos.

Jim Finn

Jim Finn
Jim Finn, 1957

Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer
Bill Fischer, 1942

Jack Fisk

Jack Fisk
Jack Fisk, 1950

Jim Flaherty

Jim Flaherty
Jim Flaherty, late 1970s

Joe Ford

Joe Ford
Joe Ford, 1950s

Christopher Forde

Christopher Forde
Christopher Forde, 1964

Bertil Fox

Bertil FoxBertil Fox
Bertil Fox, 1982; 1977

Kim Fox

Kim Fox
Visit the Kim Fox page.

Lyle Fox

Lyle FoxLyle Fox
Lyle Fox, 1964

Bob Foxx

Bob Foxx
Bob Foxx, 1950s

Warren Frederick

Warren FrederickWarren Frederick
Warren Frederick, 1974

Bob Freeman

Bob FreemanBob Freeman
Bob Freeman, late 1950s

Kurt Freeman

Kurt FreemanKurt FreemanKurt Freeman
Kurt Freeman, late 1950s

Gary Frost

Gary Frost
Visit the Gary Frost page.

Don Fuller

Don FullerDon FullerDon Fuller
Don Fuller, 1950s

Ed Fury

Visit the Ed Fury page.

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