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Classic Bodybuilders
Updated 1/27/2004.

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Denny Gable (1951-2000)

Denny GableDenny GableDenny Gable
Denny Gable, 1970s; with Roger Callard, 1970s

Larry Gaisin

Larry GaisinLarry Gaisin
Larry Gaisin, 1958

Bob Gajda

Bob GajdaBob GajdaBob GajdaBob Gajda
Bob Gajda, 1966; 1965

Maurice Galipeau

Maurice Galipeau
Maurice Galipeau, 1962

Bob Gallucci

Bob Gallucci
Bob Gallucci, 1974

Tony Gambin

Tony Gambin
Tony Gambin, 1970

Claude Garand

Claude Garand
Claude Garand, late 1950s

Ray Garnett

Ray GarnettRay Garnett
Ray Garnett, 1958; 1964

John Garon (1886-195?)

John Garon
John Garon, 1916

Joe Gasci

Joe Gasci
Joe Gasci, early 1960s

Neil Gautier

Neil Gautier
Neil Gautier, 1950s

Jesse Gautreaux

Jesse Gautreaux
Visit the Jesse Gautreaux page.

Francois Gay

Francois GayFrancois Gay
Francois Gay, 1985

Harry Gelbfard

Harry GelbfardHarry Gelbfard
Harry Gelbfard, 1950s

Bob Gentry

Bob GentryBob Gentry
Bob Gentry, 1950s

David George

David George
Visit the David George page.

Theseus George

Theseus GeorgeTheseus George
Theseus George, 1950s

Bill Ghesquiere

Bill Ghesquiere
Bill Ghesquiere, 1946

Frank Giardina

Frank GiardinaFrank GiardinaFrank Giardina
Frank Giardina, early 1940s

Dale Gilbert

Dale GilbertDale GilbertDale Gilbert and Ray McGuire
Dale Gilbert, 1950s; with Ray McGuire, 1950s

Vincent Gilles

Vincent GillesVincent Gilles
Vincent Gilles, early 1960s

Vince Gironda (1918-1997)

Vince Gironda
Visit the Vince Gironda page.

Ed Giuliani

Ed GiulianiEd Giuliani
Ed Giuliani, 1958; 1969

Jim Glasper

Jim Glasper
Jim Glasper, 1950s

Edward Gloeggler

Edward Gloeggler
Edward Gloeggler, 1940

John Glynn

John GlynnJohn GlynnJohn GlynnJohn GlynnJohn Glynn
John Glynn, 1950s

Germain Godbout

Germain GodboutGermain Godbout
Germain Godbout, 1959

Larry Godina

Larry GodinaLarry GodinaLarry Godina
Larry Godina, late 1950s

Joe Gold

Joe GoldJoe Gold
Joe Gold, 1954; 1950

Abe Goldberg

Abe Goldberg
Visit the Abe Goldberg page.

Bill Golumbick

Bill GolumbickBill GolumbickBill GolumbickBill GolumbickBill GolumbickBill GolumbickBill Golumbick
Bill Golumbick, 1953; 1963; 1958; 1959; 1957; 1957; 1961

Abel Gomes

Abel Gomes
Abel Gomes, early 1970s

Pepper Gomez

Pepper GomezPepper GomezPepper GomezPepper GomezPepper Gomez and Bill Brinkley
Pepper Gomez, 1951; 1952; 1953; 1952; with Bill Brinkley, 1952

Miguel Gonzales

Miguel GonzalesMiguel Gonzales
Miguel Gonzales, early 1960s

Bill Good

Bill Good
Bill Good, 1936

Walter Good

Walter Good
Walter Good, 1934

Bert Goodrich (1906-1991)

Bert GoodrichBert GoodrichBert Goodrich
Bert Goodrich, late 1930s and early 1940s

Larry Gordon

Larry GordonLarry Gordon
Larry Gordon, 1979

Gerard Gougeon

Gerard Gougeon
Gerard Gougeon, 1957

John Gourgott

John GourgottJohn Gourgott
John Gourgott, mid 1960s

Paul Graham

Paul Graham
Paul Graham, 1972

Yves Grangeat

Yves Grangeat
Yves Grangeat, 1960

Bill Grant

Bill GrantBill GrantBill Grant
Bill Grant, 1970s

Paul Grant

Paul GrantPaul Grant
Paul Grant, 1975; 1973

Lenny Grimaldi

Lenny Grimaldi
Lenny Grimaldi, 1930s

John Grimek (1910-1998)

John Grimek
Visit the John Grimek page.

Phil Grippaldi

Phil Grippaldi
Phil Grippaldi, 1966

Ron Grosso

Ronnie Grosso and John Kemper
Ron Grosso, with John Kemper, early 1960s

Pete Grymkowski

Pete Grymkowski
Visit the Pete Grymkowski page.

Chuck Gunther

Chuck Gunther and Ed Fury
Chuck Gunther, with Ed Fury, 1957

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