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Classic Bodybuilders
of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding

Updated 1/27/2003.

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Bernard Naceri

Bernard Naceri
Bernard Naceri, 1962

Robert Nailon

Robert Nailon
Visit the Robert Nailon page.

Joe Napoli

Joe Napoli
Joe Napoli, 1950s

Jorge Navarrete

Jorge Navarrete
Jorge Navarrete, 1976

Joe Nazario

Joe NazarioJoe NazarioJoe Nazario
Joe Nazario, 1975; 1979; 1977

Walt Needham

Walt NeedhamWalt NeedhamWalt NeedhamWalt NeedhamWalt Needham
Walt Needham, 1950s

Jean Negris

Jean Negris
Jean Negris, 1967

Ron Neilsen

Ron NeilsenRon Neilsen
Ron Neilsen, 1958

Dennis Nelson

Dennis NelsonDennis NelsonDennis NelsonDennis Nelson
Dennis Nelson, 1956; 1963; 1955; 1957

Jacques Neuville

Jacques NeuvilleJacques NeuvilleJacques Neuville
Jacques Neuville, 1981; 1986

Pat Neve

Pat Neve
Visit the Pat Neve page.

Ken Newman

Ken NewmanKen Newman
Ken Newman, 1968; 1967

Victor Nicoletti (1920-1966)

Victor NicolettiVictor NicolettiVictor Nicoletti
Victor Nicoletti, 1948; 1951; 1944

Ron Nielsen

Ron Nielsen
Ron Nielsen, 1962

Mario Nieves

Mario NievesMario Nieves
Mario Nieves, 1980; 1977

Frank Nisi

Frank NisiFrank NisiFrank Nisi
Frank Nisi, early 1960s

Joe Nista

Joe NistaJoe Nista
Joe Nista, 1964; 1976

Dick Norman

Dick Norman
Dick Norman, early 1960s

Paul Novak (1923-1999)

Paul Novak, Mae West, and Mickey Hargitay
Paul Novak, with Mae West and Mickey Hargitay, 1955

Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret
Visit the Serge Nubret page.

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